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Hast Interlink obtained approved Food and Chemical Cleaning Station by @TCO

(Asia Tank Container Organisation) On May 2020

Hast Interlink is providing high standard for ISO Tanks cleaning and repair service in Laem Chabang, Thailand. The depot is located in the heart of EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor) where is the hub of Chemical logistics in Asian.

With cleaning capacity up to 1,250 Tanks per month. The total area of work is 23,320 square meters, storage yard at 1,000 Tanks, 10 Chemical Bays (5 Spinners), 6 food grade bays (2 Spinners) and Steam Heating 12 points with 12 Chassis parking slots.

Only HAST Interlink has air filtering machine in Thailand, which can let us clean odorous cargo and at the same time-release clear air to outside after purified

Water : WWT(waste water treatment) well designed and high standardized to meet Thai regulation. One more we install good water tanks for periodical test and can reuse a good water repeatedly.

With concept of environmentally friendly with High technology, we use only 500L per tank but others use 1.5tons per tank.